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Yuexuan Gui was born and raised in China. She started her professional training in Chinese classical dance in 2008 and graduated with a BA in contemporary dance from the Beijing Dance Academy in 2018. Her first choreographic work Two bodies was invited by the Beijing Dance Festival and won the College’s Best Choreography and Performance Award in 2015. In 2018, she was invited as a choreographer for the production “Yun” under the director by Xiaojun Shuai, and in the same year her first production ‘Siqi Fang’, a group piece premiered in the black box theatre in Beijing. Besides her various freelance artistic activities, she became a dance teacher at Beijing Contemporary Music Academy.

In 2020, she was hosted by La Biennale di Venezia College to produce a 20 minutes group piece. At the same she created two creations, the solo ‘Connectedness’ for the 100th year anniversary of Bauhausfest in Bauhaus Museum and ‘Nothing but illusion’ a group piece for Palucca Tanz Studio. Yuexuan’s first production in Europe ‘Norm Manual’, premiered at Oktogon HfBK Dresden and was invited by Zukunft Tanzt Festival 2022. Yuexuan also holds a Master’s Degree in Choreography at Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden. She has started researching and questioning the thin line of Absurdity and discovered her interest lies in interdisciplinary performance mixing her dance experience with theatrical ideas.

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